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My brothers... we were forged in victory. A victory that ended the great war and brought forth the reign of Mount Olympus. Born from the depths of the underworld. Rooted in the river of souls, our mountain emerged out of the Chaos. As it grew, so to did the might of the Olympians. We created a world of peace, a world of prosperity, a world that lives in the shadow and safety of my mountain. A mountain that has come to be the absolute measure of strength and power. Now, on this day, that power is to be tested. The mortal Kratos, seeks to destroy all that I have wrought. Brothers, put aside the petty grievances that have splintered us for so long. We will unite. We will stand together. And I will wipe out this plague! OLYMPUS... WILL PREVAIL!!!

–Zeus, God Of War 3. Off topic, but hey, that game is just plain epic.

Hi. I created this wiki. My real name is Rhys, and my nickname is Teddy, so feel free to call me either.

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As stated, I created this wiki.

I'm a pessimist.

I play Dark Elves and Empire.

I'm about as descriptive as a kitchen table.

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