seraphon darkfang, dreadlord of the witch king awoke with a start as his black ark,the kraken jerked to a stop, the first part of a mission was complete, he had hit land. He stepped out onto the deck and walked up to the prow and looked over he saw a port town, as he walked down he nodded towards the beast master, Bracchus Fellstorm, he knew what Seraphon ment and ran down to the beast pen as boarding ramps were lowered, and a sizeable force of corsairs, warriors and cold one knights went down the ramps onto the beach and lined up. preparing for a slave run. silently the ranks parted as Seraphon's cold one went to the front and held up his sword and pointed it at the town and yelled "burn!" as they chargedthe ones with throng nets ran up front then threw them on the clumps of retreating villagers and they fell buildings were pillaged and then set alight. Soon the town was no more than ash and fire

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