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The Knights Lumaca

A knight in typical attire. Ceremonial uniform is described as being even more gaudy and ostentatious.

are a knightly order (although regarded more as mercenaries, aka Dogs of War), located in the town of Lumaca in Tilea. The Knights Lumaca are famous for their extremely heavy armour resulting in them having a reputation for being cumbersome and slow. This reputation and their heraldry have earned them the nickname of the "Knights of the Snail", a nickname hated by their marshal, Antonio de Elshilem




The icon of the Knights Lumaca is a white snail, set against a yellow and green background. The motto of the knights roughly translate to "Glory to the steadfast", and can be found underneath the snail inscribed on an ancient parchment. The knights wear the yellow and green on their feathers and sashes, as well as their tunics and horse coat.


The Knights Lumaca carry the armament of swords and shields, both made of steel and in the case of the shields painted in the knights heraldic colours. Rather then many knightly orders, the Knights Lumaca choose not to carry lances. The reason behind this is often attributed to the knights slow speed, resulting the knights unable to gain enough momentum to fully make the proper impact needed to make an attack by a lance effective. Instead the Knights Lumaca chose to hack at their enemy with swords, but as an extra precaution use shields to protect themselves.

The knights use the heaviest plate armour in battle, with many joking that not even a dwarf would even wear such bulky attire (although many a dwarf would be disgruntled at this comparison). The armour was originally made by dwarven smiths for a more prestigious knightly order of the empire as a gift, before being brought by Fernando de Elshilem, founder of the order. The armour is uncomfortable to wear and limits movement, with even the strongest horses struggling to keep atop the knights. Never the less the armour is extremely durable.