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Old Map of Sylvania with Argenland circled
Sylvania Map with Argenland marked on it.jpg
The old Sylvania map with Argenland marked out (although circled)

Name of place:

Argenland / Ghostingrad

Also known as:

That destroyed empire province, City of lost souls, The eternal darkness

Current state:

Utterly destroyed, beyond salvageable, infested with the undead

Date of Founding:

Unknown, believed to be about Imperial year 100 or so

Date of Destruction:

1926 (roundabouts)


Northeast of Sylvania

Population (pre destruction):


Population (Post Destruction)

0 (Excluding Undead)

Argenland is a destroyed empire provance, sacked and virtually burned to the ground on the imperial year 1926. Argenland was located in the north east of Sylvania and made to protect against the vampire counts but ironically was only attacked by The undead twice in its entire history, and was finally destroyed by the host of the Basalisk dark elves.

It is now the undead town of Ghostingrad, after The souls of seven powerful necromancers were trapped into a soul cage and transformed to pure magic to create a portal of darkness to not only permanently shroud the land in night, allowing there ruler Amelia Jonson to walk the town, but to animate any and all corpses so long as there within the boarders of Ghostingrad. There Ruling princess, Amelia, is currently rebuilding the strength of her undead army to invade, battle and once again try to destroy Naggaroth.